Can Design Agencies Afford the Digital Economy Business Model?

When I wanted to design a logo for my website The Media Analytic I started doing some sketches on paper, I was thinking of transferring them later using Adobe Illustrator, another thought came to mind, why not use Canva or download a logo from Envato Elements and amend it to the way I like. I come from a branding agency background, so I knew how disdained these ready to use/ amend templates are.

I Wonder Can Design And Marketing Agencies Afford This Way of Doing Business Anymore?

Design databases can offer every possible design one might desire, they are popular and respond to clients’ needs, this shift requires a change in mindset and the business model for many marketing and branding companies. One excellent business model, I can think of is Design Pickle, the way they simplify their design process and communication is worth considering by design agencies.   

I saw how many small design houses had to close when hit with the slightest economic turbulence, and these turbulences, trust me, were many. Their structures could not compete with the global digital market. A company could have lost a contact for a young talented fifteen year old girl, working from her bedroom, who had exceptional design skills, marketing her work and attracting clients through her portfolio on Behance and sold her designs through Envato or Fivvr.

When I started looking for a logo for my blog, I eventually decided to use Canva, with its many elements which I can easily emend to my taste, not to mention the low cost.

Welcoming The Media Analytic New Logo

Logo design by freelancer

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