How CHANEL Continues Owning the Tweed Jacket?

In the past years, there have been many emerging fashion designers showing their creations in fashion and accessories design. I remember talking to someone once as she was telling me about her designer friend and how she was the first to introduce a scarf design with some crochet attached to the fabric only to find afterward that many have replicated her design, where now it can hardly be attributed to her.

I am looking at one big household name, the house of CHANEL and how it continues to emphasize its ownership to one of its signature designs, The Tweed Jacket.


We know that the ownership of tweed as a fabric is not monopolized to the house of CHANEL. However, it can’t be denied that the founder of the house, Madam Coco Chanel first introduced the Jacket after a trip she made to Scotland where she brought back the tweed fabric that was almost seventy years ago.


I Asked, How CHANEL Retained The Ownership Of The Jacket As A Design And An Idea In The Minds Of People.

That is by telling the story of the Jacket over and over again, with social media at their disposal, makes this job more efficiently achieved. We, millennials might not be aware of the history of the Jacket and how revolutionary it was back in the time when it was first introduced, the idea of ease of movement for women, unrestricted to what she was wearing was not taken into consideration prior to the twentieth century Europe. There are many videos describing the story of the Jacket like The Jacket video, and there are countless other videos and content made online that showcases the craftsmanship of the house of CHANEL, such as this one about the making of a Cardigan. One of the most inspirational marketing ideas is their 2008 Spring Haute Couture show where a gigantic Jacket sculpture was set in the middle of the stage with models moving in front of it, it emphasized how the Jacket is of Chanel’s iconic designs, here is the video of the fashion show.

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