Movies, Storytellers of History

Hollywood, Bollywood and European Cinema produces films all the time. There is this genre of films that act like a reminder or a storyteller of histories or introducing nations to one another, that’s what happened to me when watching “On the Basis of Sex”, which tells the story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I always read her name and got the impression she was revered in American society, but since I am not an American nor living the U.S I didn’t know her story or the history she participated in making.

The film succeeded in showing Ginaburg in her strength and weaknesses, not portraying this all almighty character that Hollywood depicts more often, that’s the distinction I think between American (namely Hollywood) and European cinema, where the European cinema tends to reflect an image closer to reality, which can be boring sometimes, whereas Hollywood glamourizes things.

“On the Basis of Sex” opened a window for me to learn about women’s situation in the U. S back in the fifties, and how they earned their rights with struggle and fight, but most importantly fighting for their rights through the law and using their education.

Other films come to my mind that tells the story of American woman experience and her fight for her rights are Hidden Figures, and RBG which is another documentary about Ginsburg.

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