How Influencers Leverage their Skills to Grow their Businesses?

To gain knowledge about a topic, perhaps finding an expert online offering advice is a good start. Lifestyle, money, fashion, social media, almost anything you can think of you will find someone to teach you. Digital experts sell their wisdom through videos, podcasts and articles, they surely profit from the online content they are creating but the question is aside from the wonderful life style and image of success reflected by many online coaches and experts, do what they teach us beneficial and make us reach the success they achieved.

Some online coaches and digital experts have built brilliant online platforms and have a substantial following. But, are they worth our money?

I started to explore some of these digital expert strategies and what they were trying to teach by examining their money-generating products. The experts I decided to research are; Hilary Rushford from Dean Street, Denise Duffield-ThomasMarie Forleo, and Ashley Diana.

These four online experts established themselves as a source of inspiration and know-how, they created their own jobs and income, all of them, starting with a blog. They are the manifestation of Jeremy Rifkin’s Third Industrial Revolution which sees the workplace of the future as a place that will bring-in talents whereas others will be pushed out.

This article will try to investigate:

1) What Are the Products and Content Being Sold to Generate Income?

2) What Are the Strategies and Tools Used to Promote Their Businesses?

Hilary Rushford

There are many factors in play when it comes to the Dean Street Society founder, she has evolved tremendously over the years starting as a blogger, now a business owner, and an opinion expert for style and social media marketing.

  1. Main online products:
    Hilary Rushford
  • Info products (courses), mainly Style advice
  • Online Marketing advice


Online Strategy and tools:

  • Creating followers around her business who care about style.
  • When visiting her website, you will find the first tagline welcoming you is “We Explore What Makes Women Feel Beautiful”, with these words she has identified the kind of people who might become her customers.
  • Hilary Rushford has two lines of services, with one serving the other, first: Style, second: Teaching people how to market their own business. The tone she uses throughout her site has coaching and a therapist’s appeal to it combined.

What else did I find?

  • Her website is simple. Three navigation tabs; Journal, Courses, and About.
  • The Language she uses is very tender and makes you feel close to her, as such, you will find on the article button “Read on Darling”.
  • In the Journal section, she has articles and posts that reflect an attractive lifestyle, at the end of the post the reader can find a prompt for action and a course advertisement with the line “Free Class, How to Dress your Shape and other things no one taught you”.
  • There are not many articles showed on the website, only three are available at the same time and whenever a new one arrives, the older ones are pushed out where they can no longer be seen. However, I wonder if this is random or not, my guess is, the reader’s online experience is well thought of, where readers are asked to ‘Sign Up’and give their emails. I find such a strategy requires boldness and confidence that you have the social influence where with only giving few articles to grab reader’s attention.
  • Throughout the articles, there are always links that will take you to a free workshop.
  • Hilary Rushford’s social influence is continuously communicated to her audience, as such, when you log into her Facebook page an instant message appears indicating how many people liked her page e.g.“160K People like this page”, again in her Twitter profile under her short bio, she has written “My 150K party is on Instagram @HilaryRushford”.
  • Her main social media channel to promote her is Instagram, she tries to direct her audience from her Twitter account to Instagram by explicitly stating that “Twitter you are nice. But I go steady with Instagram. Come join the daily party” alongside her Instagram link.
  • She explains her reliance on Instagram as her main social medium is because she has more following on it. Still, she has an account on all the channels.

Marie Forleo

Maries Forleo describes herself as an entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. I would describe her as a life coach. She is generic in what she has to offer, her main product I find it to be Motivation.

Source: Marie Forleo Facebook Page
  1. Main online products being sold:
    • Under the Shop section, there are four products; B School, a free course, a book, (previously there was an accessories line). With the main marketing promise that they will enhance your business and life.
    • Most important marketing and money revenue source are her training program branded as “B School” at the same time there is plenty of educational content for free. Marie does not claim she doesn’t make money from selling other people’s programs, and she is transparent in indicating when doing any endorsements.
  2. Tools and Strategies
  • An entirely free educational content is offered in videos, all showcased on MarieTV.
  • Marketing strategy: Marie’s website offers hundreds of videos offering advice on productivity and achieving your goals.

Who is the most influential of the four

Website Sale Value

Alexa RankingBacklinksDaily Unique Visitors

Site Yearly Revenue

Marie Forleo$70,000 US51,315952352719$7,0235
Hilary Rushford$6016 US650,5046735063$6,006
Denise Duffield4
Ashley Diana8

Denise Duffield-Thomas

A money mindset mentor for entrepreneurs targeting women, she is the author of two books (with catchy names), Lucky Bitch, and Get Rich Lucky Bitch.

  1. Main online products:

Source: Denise Website
  • She offers three courses, priced at; $1,997/ $497/ $297.
  • Selling her books, which mainly teaches
  1. Online Strategies and Tools:

2. Online Strategies and Tools:

  • Denise uses four social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. It looks like she has a very straight forward digital marketing approach, she promotes herself as a regular mom who became a millionaire and
  • wants to teach us how she did it.
  • Her main product offer is how to become rich.

Ashley Diana

Ashley Diana’s main field of expertise is being a hair professional. She offers branding, business building, and social media courses to hair professional.

  1. Main online products being sold:
  • Offering courses, sold at less than 500$

Source: AShely Diana Website 
  • Coaching programs sold between 3000$-8000$
    1. Main online products being sold:
    • Offering master classes, sold at less than 1000$
    • Coaching programs sold between 3000$-8000$

    2. Online Strategies:

    • Website seems her main marketing tool.
    • Her most following is on Instagram which is 130K. However, she does have social media presence on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Pinterest.
    • She has a very casual, almost as if un-scripted course videos.

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