Comments on Gary Zukav Views on Communities

Gary Zukav asks if you think that Community is a good thing that brings people who are alike together and gives them a shelter, against people who are not in that community, he asks you to think again; Communities do not bring people together, they keep them apart, in which if you are only associating with people like you, people who threaten you the least, you are excluding almost all of the world.

I think here comes the power of the Internet; it removes all these differences that differentiate one another, sometimes we can forge our own identities online or simply not show them at all, you can write powerful blog articles without people knowing who you are and your words will resonate with them although you might not have gone to school, no one can judge you, but you have proven your mastery through your written words, the same applies to other fields. Goods and services can be sold online with satisfied customers through people from different races, religions, political affiliations, judgment is suppressed for the greater good that everyone is included in the Global Online Community.

Oprah Winfrey Interview with Gary Zukav

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