Why Technology Needs to Consider Emotions ?

Digital Technology is everywhere. Our interaction with technology starting with our Smartphones has become a habit and sometimes a necessity in our everyday lives.

What does technology mean to developers and designers?

If you examine the process of design development of an app you might find the user experience designer is unnecessarily the same person who develops the software, the designer may be only involved in the stage of interface design, but how this affects us as users and customers to their innovations?

In a recent experience I had with a large laptop company where I ordered a laptop battery, the product was supposed to be shipped from the U.S, I wanted to change my order so I needed some help from customer service, I resorted to the chat service facilitated at the company’s website, most likely I was talking to a bot (you know those automated customer service agents) I really had a great sense that I was talking with a bot due to the lack of emotion shown through our chat. The lack of care to solve my problem and the scripted type text. I finally resorted to email to other support staff who might solve my problem, my experience was totally different, first throughout the email I can see the person who received my email forwarded my it to another staff member and asked him to solve my problem, just to let you know, the support staff has informed me the same thing that the supposedly bot did but with a twist, here the support staff member offered me an alternative and a next step to take to solve my problem.

Emotions in technology can make a difference, our reliance on technology with the endless apps out there that can serve every aspect of our lives makes it important for technology user experience designers and developers to think more of how users FEEL not just what they WANT. For example an emergency alarm system for elderly people where they have to wear on their neck, although it might solve their problem and ensure their safety but it was found it somewhat dehumanized the them and made them feel less independent.

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