Its 11 pm Thursday night, where tomorrow is everyone’s day off (in most Middle Eastern countries our weekends are always on Friday and Saturday/ Thursday). A woman calls me and asks me with her loud voice how was the Ravioli that I ordered early that day. I tell her how weird I am feeling because of her call at this hour of the night, but then she explains to me that she is the wife of the chef which happens to be the owner of the restaurant as well and she wants to check on customers satisfaction where my name happens to appear on the delivery list for that day.

But I am not CONVINCED.

Her voice tone said it all, my guess is that her husband went through a phone inspection that night and perhaps she got suspicious of my number, because if you think about it why would the wife of a restaurant owner call me at the mid of the night to ask me how my Ravioli was, and I can hear how she is not a bit apologetic about calling me at this late hour.

After I hang up the phone, I thought how insecure this woman must be. It is sad to say a lot of women in our society are taught early on (usually by other women) to always check their husbands and keep investigating their acts, as their husbands may be snatched away by other women, and leave them, and its always that they will be snatched and the husbands are not to be blamed. They are constantly threatened with abandonment, she resorts to this idea as an ultimate truth, and accepts it. What’s worse, is that we are taught how our lives would end if this abandonment happens, so even if in a bad marriage that serves no purpose, especially bringing up a balanced and healthy family, they keep appearances and they stay. I hate to bring the bad news, but if a man chooses to be outside a marriage he will find a way to get out, meaning he will find a way to cheat on you, even with the toughest installed protocols and security checks run by you they won’t keep him. Feelings of insecurity needs to be filled with empowerment, being vulnerable and (as the old saying says) she is a weak rib must be replaced with confidence.

At last, my call with the restaurant owner’s wife ended with me saying “No I have no comments and everything was fine”.